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Archive of past fabric lines

Aunt Grace Dots

Aunt Grace In A Pickle 2013

Aunt Grace Simple Sampler 2015

Aunt Grace Gracie's Schoolhouse 2015

Aunt Grace Miniatures 2013

Civil War Dressing Gowns May 2013 & 2015

Civil War Peace & Unity 2013
At the conclusion of the Civil War in April 1865, Americans began the long, arduous process of restoring peace and unity to the land. Marcus Fabrics is pleased to present my fifth and final installment of our Civil War BOM series, PEACE & UNITY!There are

Enduring Legacy 2014

Hannah's Heritage 2015

Inkwell 2013

Judie's Album Quilt 2014

Judie's Miniatures 2014

Judie's 25th Anniversary 2013

Old Sturbridge Village April 2016
Old Sturbridge Village April 2016 with a Christmas theme

Party Of Twelve 2013

Past Endearments 2015

Romantic Old Charleston 2013

Shirts and Ties 2015


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Civil War Commemorative 2321 Civil War Commemorative 2322

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